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Who we are

Since 1995, we have been operating on the chemical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing markets, trading raw materials, pure and recovered solvents. Moreover, we add value to solvent-based waste, by collecting and recycling with primary certified systems. Combining high quality standards and extremely fast response timing, both in the commercialization and distribution stages, we are equipped to meet the customers' requests in the required times,


thanks to domestic production and a wide network of European partners. Our business philosophy is based on working in full compliance with law, guaranteeing the highest levels of quality, safety and environmental conservation. Correctness, fairness, integrity, loyalty and professional behaviour are our key elements. Our aims and objectives are the continuous research for partnerships and new materials, both on the national and international markets.


Brief History

In the 70's our founders used to commercialize and distribute chemical, petrochemical and vegetable raw materials with 2 warehouses in Italy. They were among the first to introduce recovered solvents on the Italian market, spreading the culture of waste recycling and reuse.
Since 1995, with the birth of Molecola our business policy has turned to trading, to better serve large companies by searching and purchasing raw materials directly from the major operators of the sector.
From 2010, the growth of our staff has enhanced the business network, with its opening to the foreign market for a wider range of products available in larger amounts.
With a twenty-year experience, Molecola's commitment is always focused on quality, continuity and competitiveness.


For decades a reliable and trustful partner for the industry in the chemical, pharmaceutical, coating, printing and engineering sectors, Molecola has specialized in trading raw materials, chemical and petrochemical solvents, vegetable oils and extracts.
All products are delivered in tanks, isotanks, flexitanks directly from the producer guaranteeing the best quality standards with Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Certificates Of Analysis (COA).

Ketones: Acetone, MEK
Aromatics: Toluene, Xylene, Mineral white spirit
Esthers: Ethyl Acetate, Methyl Acetate,
Butyl Acetate, Isobuthyl Acetate
Alcohols: Ethanol, Isopropanol (IPA), Butanol, Isobutanol
Chlorinated Solvents: Methylene Chloride,
DCP Dichloropropane
Glycols: MEG, DEG, PEG, DPG

Tetrahydrofuran (THF)
Acetic Acid
Base Thinners
Mix solvents
Latex LA & HA
Vegetable Oils

Molecola SRL Unipersonale

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